Secure document shredding San Jose

Part of being a good business neighbor in the community is having an awareness of your impact on the neighborhood where it resides.  Perhaps one of the least considered however most fertile grounds for making an impression in the neighborhood is located in the dumpsters that are hidden in the alley’s behind the buildings.

Looming in the darkness, these garbage bins sometimes containing old salad, tuna sandwiches and poorly written report drafts and bad photocopies contain the information that attract gangs and identity theft rings. Knowing that they will eventually find it, these criminals are talented in seeking out: social security numbers, individual addresses, passwords and other important information out of the garbage.

The best way to be a good neighbor, in this situation is to stop throwing valuable information in the garbage. This may be harder than it seems sometimes because of the number of employees in your office and habits that are hard to change.

For a convenient solution to your document disposal concerns, we offer reliable and secure document shredding. San Jose, our newest office is centrally located and convenient to any business in the South Bay.

Because your documents are highly sensitive, you are invited to stop by our location any time you need, and personally watch us as we shred your documents.  We provide the highest level of secure document shredding. San Jose, our new location is centrally located and easy to access from most locations in in the Bay Area.

A common sense response to limiting the number of crimes being committed in your back alleyway is to shred all of your paper documents that your business throws away. Businesses that provide document shredding services provide a very convenient service and come out to your office to pick up your trash before it hits the dumpster. It is much easier to destroy your documents with a company that provides secure document shredding. San Jose

Because security cameras capture back alleyways and purchases made at cash registers, online purchases must be mailed to an address somewhere, and bank accounts do require customers to have identification, the crime itself is not one of the most foolproof of crimes and of course, it has strings attached that lead the police right back to the criminals who thought they could get away with it.

Save your neighborhood from these criminals. Order the South Bay’s most reliable secure document shredding. San Jose neighbors and residents will thank you for it.