San Jose shredding company

Proper documents management requires the destruction of confidential information on a regular basis.  A San Jose shredding company can provide this service in a secure and convenient location. Red Dog Shred, a San Jose shredding company can also come out to the business and take the documents to be destroyed back to the shredding center to be destroyed. Once the documents are destroyed, they provide a certificate to the client specifying that the documents were destroyed.

Although businesses have made great improvements in reducing the need for paper files and keeping hard copies of old documents, it is still nearly impossible to stop using paper entirely because they are forced to continue to deal in paper.  Recent advances in computer software make it easy to create documents that are encrypted, password protected, and safe from either unauthorized access or alteration. This can be done with very sophisticated free and low cost software. Electronic signatures are widely accepted and legally binding.

Over the long run, electronic files save floor and file space. In most cases electronic documents are safer than paper. Backup copies can be easily transferred to high capacity low cost removable media, such as compact discs or removable hard drives, and stored off-site. Backups can also be transferred over secure internet connections for off-site storage. You never need to loose documents to fire or flood or theft.

While “paperless” offices share documents stored in office networks” eliminating the need for keeping hard copies of documents in a paper file or filing cabinet, they are in fact, not entirely “paperless.” So-called paperless offices have contributed to the elimination of filing cabinets required for storing paper files and documents, and preserving trees and natural resources by eliminating the need for paper copies, but, nonetheless, the need for hard copies of contracts for signature, forms and applications has remained constant. The San Jose shredding company can provide the disposal service needed for destroying these documents once they are no longer needed.

Red Dog Shred, the San Jose shredding company takes its commitment to conserve our natural resources seriously, bringing all of the paper they generate in to paper recycling centers, further reducing the demand for cutting down our precious trees.

Beyond environmental concerns, businesses that use Red Dog Shred, a San Jose shredding company, can rest assured that their vulnerable documents are disposed of in a safe, secure and responsible manner.