Paper shredding

There is a vital need for businesses to have access to a local paper shredding location.  Although the desire to go paperless and to help the environment by using less paper which in turn saves more trees, the need to use paper in business has not yet been eliminated.

Paper is still used predominantly in places where customers come in and sign contracts for services. So, although we are moving away from paper, there is still a need for it. Because we use paper in offices, we also have a need for paper shredding.

Reducing the demand for paper is not only good for the environment, it is good for reducing stress levels and making it much easier to concentrate in an office environment.  However, this has not changed the fact that offices need to use paper sometimes and when they do, that paper has to be protected.

An increasing awareness of the need to protect consumer privacy has impressed new responsibilities on companies that use protected information in the course of business.  To define protected information, it includes virtually anything with a name, address, social security number, medical information, academic records, credit reports, loan information, etc.

Responding to the prevalence of identity theft, Governor Schwarzenegger, Attorney General Bill Lockyer and other California officials have made it a priority to warn their citizens about the risk of identity theft and to inform them of ways they can protect themselves. The Federal Trade Commission has installed a hotline for victims’ complaints, and calls from California are flowing in.  Because of all this data coming in from California, the Federal Trade Commission has received a sufficient sample of what is happening in California and has provided some very useful information to help develop strategies to contain and stop this crime.

One of the most common places where identity theft occurs is in trash bins outside of business offices.  Names, addresses, social security numbers, and credit card numbers are almost found in these bins and the criminals are well aware of this.  Local businesses have a unique ability to help fight this crime.

Reporting identity theft and educating the community have brought about the awareness that local businesses need reliable, and secure paper shredding, in an easily accessible and convenient location.  With convenience and security being the highest priorities for document destruction services, there is a great ability for businesses to have a huge impact on fighting this crime.  Simply by not allowing their paper trash to be thrown in dumpsters, businesses are behaving responsibly and fighting crime.

This relationship creates a demand for businesses to have access to a convenient paper shredding location.

Studies of identity theft across the country have indicated that more reports have been made from consumers in California than anywhere else.  This places the responsibility for fighting this crime in the hands of businesses who are planting the seeds of identity theft in dumpsters.  Many local businesses are fighting this crime by taking their confidential documents to a paper shredding location or by calling a paper shredding service to come and pick up their documents and destroy them.

Local businesses can take part in fighting crime by shredding their confidential documents at a shredding center today.