Fremont shredding machines; how they work

Practically every office has a paper shredding machine today. The main reason for any office to have one is to safely destroy all those unwanted, but important office papers and documents for security reasons. However though everyone knows these machines can effectively shred tons of paper into bits and pieces of paper scrap, not many know how these shredders actually work.

Strip cut paper shredders 
These Fremont shredding machines are generally manufactured using two standard configurations that are based on how it cuts the documents. Accordingly, the first type of paper shredder available is the strip cut paper shredder that, as the name suggests, cuts the paper put into it into strips of finely cut paper. On an average, these shredding machines cut an average, medium sized paper into 15 – 20 paper strips.

To achieve this, these Fremont shredding machines have a series of parallel serrated blades that are mounted on a steel frame. The machine then cuts the inputted paper sequentially, in a periodic manner once the paper moves into the rollers of the machine. It is basically the shredding machines used in industries that use this type of shredding as it can easily to cater to its high volume and high speed paper shredding needs.

Cross cut paper shredders
The second type of shredding machines available are those that give a cross cut. The working of these machines is much different from the working of a strip cut paper shredder. The blades in the cross cut Fremont shredding machines cross each other in a synchronized manner. This is how it ensures that the cuts of paper are crossed, and not parallel strips as the earlier types of machines.

These machines have a mechanical or electric timer in the machine that ensures that while the blades cross each other, the paper also moves at the same speed. This way, all the shredded pieces of paper is equal in size, and will be very difficult for anyone to try and reconstruct.

This shredding mechanism is most commonly found in the high end industrial paper shredders. These paper shredding machines have automatic feed rates and programmable shredding parameters wherein the machine ensures effective and secure shredding of documents.

Strip cut shredders can be secure too
Sometimes, even the strip cut Fremont shredding machines can effectively get rid of your documents too. This is possible if you have an effective shredding procedure to use to destroy all the shredded paper that the strip cut shredding machine produces. This way, you are sure that the document shredding process is thorough, and satisfies your security requirements.

However if you want to personally ensure that all your documents are thoroughly shredded, without any compromise on the security of the document, and if you don’t actually have that many papers to shred, then the cross cut paper shredder should be good enough for you.

Now that the working of Fremont paper shredding machines are understood, you get a better understanding about the type of shredding machine you should get for your document shredding needs.