Fremont paper shredding

Identity theft is on the rise these days, and the reason for most of these frauds is basically a consequence of your own mistakes and negligence. All those bank statements, business papers and electric bills that you throw in dustbins is easily accessible to prying eyes who do evil acts like identity theft.
The best way to prevent such identity theft is by shredding all important documents before discarding them. You have to be extra careful while discarding documents with high sensitive information, which is best done using Fremont paper shredding machines.

There are today various types of paper shredders in the market designed to use at home and in offices. There are even the more advanced confidential shredding equipments that ensure the complete shredding of the most confidential papers.

However unfortunately, just like any other electric equipment, there is always a chance of these Fremont paper shredding machines encountering problems while using it. Instead of fretting over the problem, use the help of the information provided here to troubleshoot whatever problems the paper shredders pose to you.

Too much heat is damaging
In case you find the paper shredder stopping without your intervention, it means it’s time to switch off the machine and leave it unplugged for an hour or so. This lets the confidential shredding machine cool down.

This is especially important for those machines that are not built for industrial shredding; they have to be switched off hours after using it as it may heat up and lead to the inefficient working of the machine.

Jammed papers
If you have switched off the Fremont paper shredding machine, and still find that it does not work, then it means that the machine has some other problem. The machine may be suffering from paper jam wherein you have to first change its functioning to reverse.

If this does not work, change its functioning to automatic reverse a few times till the machine is cleared of its paper jam. While pressing these switches, do gently grab the papers that lead to the jamming of the machine so that the machine’s teeth does not damage.

In case small paper particles had lead to the jamming of the machine, just turn off the machine and let it cool. Then, using tweezers, remove these tiny pieces of paper.

Proper plugging
Sometimes the power supply may give problems to the functioning of the Fremont paper shredding machine. To prevent this problem, plug the machine somewhere where there is continuous power supply for the machine.

Also look for an alternative power source for the machine, in case the machine does not work right. If required, you can always call professionals to repair the shredder. It is however better to approach the shop or manufacturer for support, if the machine is still under warranty.

Sharpening of blades
Last but not least, make it a point to regularly oil the machine blades to ensure it works well. This oil should be oil meant specifically for use in shredding machines. It is also better to sharpen the teeth of the Fremont paper shredding machine once in a while just by shredding aluminum foils.