Fremont document shredding

Fremont document shredding is very important in the financial industry because so many personal and important papers pass hands in this industry not every day, but every hour. There is a chance of the personal and financial information of their clients getting stolen and used for things like identity theft, which is today the number one white collar crime in the world.

The financial industry that comprises of banks and financial institutions has a lot of information that can lead to lots of harm and complications if the information reaches the wrong hands. In fact, they have to be very careful while discarding their important records and papers as criminals are always on the lookout for documents from them that contains critical information like customer personal, credit card, bank account and company financial information.

All companies should use document shredding services

With the help of Fremont document shredding machines, the financial industry can thus ensure the security of all the documents they discard, and thus protect the security and integrity of their customers, clients and own company.

In fact, not only the financial industry, but all other companies should follow a standard practice of thorough and secure document shredding process, especially while discarding documents that holds private and sensitive information. This is efficiently done with the right document shredding services.
These document shredding services are divided into certified on-site and off-site shredding services, where both help companies of all sizes shred and destroy all their important documents, and in the process, keep sensitive information safe and secure.

On-site and off-site Fremont document shredding services 
In case of on-site Fremont document shredding companies, taking their shredding machines, the company goes to the business and shreds all their important documents on-site. All the shredded material does not go to waste; it is collected and sent for recycling to packing material.

In case of off-site shredding services, the Fremont document shredding company comes to your business and picks up all the documents to be shredded. The documents are taken to the facility, and shredded into bits and pieces using their shredding machine. It is impossible to retrieve any personal information once the documents are shredded as the shredded material is then sent for recycling too.

Practically eliminates the possibility of identity theft
With the help of efficient document shredding, a business and its employees feel safe as they know it is practically impossible for them to suffer from identity theft. There is no worry of any confidential information getting stolen and falling into the hands of the wrong person.

In addition to this, with the help of Fremont document shredding services, a company knows that they comply with the rules and regulations of the protection of data. Their employees thus know that they will not be held liable for any stolen data from the company, if anything does get amiss even after shredding documents.

In fact, once the documents are shredded, the business or company is provided by a Certificate of Destruction that certifies that all the important and personal documents of the business were shredded, and that the company follows privacy protection laws and regulations.