Bay Area document shredding

Identity theft has become a significant concern for business owners, as the crime has become prevalent in the Bay Area. Because of heightened awareness of this crime and greater availability of information, law enforcement detectives have closely studied how the crime is being committed and therefore understand better how the crime can be prevented.

In the Bay Area, document shredding companies have responded to a tremendous need that has become highlighted in these crime studies.  By using this safe, convenient and inexpensive process, business owners can cheaply and easily have their documents destroyed in very little time.

News media Police Blotters in the South Bay report incidents of identity theft on a weekly basis. In one instance, South Bay Authorities arrested a ring of four women who stole information from over 100 victims from a Day’s Inn in San Jose, reported by the San Jose Mercury News on Wednesday, January 13, 2010.
Law enforcement officials in the Bay Area have found unequivocally a very simple and controllable factor contributing to identity theft in these businesses’ very own back alleyways.

When businesses throw out their trash, police have found, it almost always includes confidential information. This oversight almost invites the criminals to come and loiter around in the back alleys behind businesses after hours. Here, crime conspirators have plenty of time to cull through the trash to find protected information including social security numbers and home addresses while the victims are far away, and completely unaware of what is happening.

Unfortunately, law enforcement officials can not oversee trash bins while other crimes are being committed in the city. Criminals have seemingly unlimited time to wait it out until the police or other witnesses are out of the way.  The easiest way to stop criminals from stealing confidential information out of the garbage is to destroy the confidential documents and not throw them in the trash. And, to that end, Bay Area document shredding companies are available to help protect you and your clients.

The prevalence of identity theft occurring in San Jose has concerned many local business owners who are ordering document shredding services.  The growing number of Bay Area document shredding services are attempting to respond to the huge demand from businesses now that want to protect themselves from this liability.

As consumer protection demands increase, concerned business owners are beginning to understand the importance of shredding documents.  Bay Area document shredding businesses are responding responsibly to this need to protect businesses and their clients from this growing crime.