Sacramento Paper shredding

 A paper shredder is basically a device that is used for slicing or cutting sheets of paper into small strips or shreds of paper called chad. Today, most private and government institutions and businesses use the help of these Sacramento paper shredding machines to destroy all the confidential papers and documents they have to discard.

It is healthy to develop a habit of shredding all sensitive and private information that are no longer required like credit cards, bank account statements, bills and tax documents. This is much better than taking the risk of all this sensitive information reaching the hands of fraudsters or thieves who commit identity theft or fraud.

An investment worth making
To cater to your paper shredding needs, there is today a wide range of Sacramento paper shredding machines in the market. These machines range from the very small and economical units that shred only a few pages at a time to the large shredding machines used for commercial shredding jobs.

Though the large Sacramento paper shredding machines cost thousands of dollars, they can shred millions of pages or important documents in an hour, making the investment well worth it. Besides these commercial shredders, there are also large commercial mobile shredders that are built into a shredding truck or lorry.

There are also manually operated paper shredders that work using special scissors with multiple blades that work using a typical scissor action. Then again, most of the paper shredders are electrically powered, and come in various sizes to meet everyone’s needs.

The various types of Sacramento paper shredding machines include:

  1. Cross-cut shredders having two rotating drums that shred paper into rectangular, diamond, or parallelogram shaped pieces of paper.
  2. The particle cut shredders cut paper into small square or circular pieces of paper.
  3. Strip-cut shredders are not only the most common paper shredders, but are also the least secure paper shredders. This is because these shredders produce thin and narrow strips of paper that can be easily reassembled by any determined investigator.
  4. In hammer mills, the paper is pounded through screens.
  5. In case of grinders, its cutting blades grind paper till they are so small; they can easily pass through any screen.
  6. Disintegrators are paper shredding machines that randomly cut paper till it’s so small, it passes through a mesh.
  7. The piece and tear paper shredders have rotating blades that first pierce, and then tears paper apart.

In case of those companies that have so many documents to shred, they just can’t do all the shredding on their own. These companies thus hire the services of a professional Sacramento paper shredding company which help shred paper both onsite and offsite.

Now that the working of Fremont paper shredding machines are understood, you get a better understanding about the type of shredding machine you should get for your document shredding needs.